About Pixan

Executive Summary

Pixan Corporation Limited is Uganda’s first high-end consumer technology company located at Redstone House, Bandali Rise Bugolobi, Kampala - Uganda. Our products foundation includes the Pixan Mobile(s), Pixan Library, Pixan Developers and Pixan Accessories. The company operates under monolithic brand architecture with Pixan as the master brand.

Pixan Corporation has interests in high-end and inclusive technology in different industries like security, agriculture, education, transport, finance and home technologies. Pixan Corporation Ltd. is a nonpartisan company with neither political nor cultural or religious agendas. The corporation aims only to operate neutrally and independently from any kind of neither religious nor political influences but only to adapt ideas that are developmental and aim at achieving sustainability. Pixan Corporation shall work with all individuals without discrimination of any sorts of affiliation (including and not limited to racial, politics, cultures, ethnicity, origin, etc).


The Company has designed multiple products that leverage its intellectual property into revenue. These products have immediate applications and we boost the most powerful supply chain and R&D specialising in industries like home, corporate, educational, agriculture, security, transport, finance and government environments.

Pixan Corporation’s mission, vision and objectives are bridged in a way that they aim to cohort with the Uganda government development goals and plans. The Corporation targets to partner with the responsible government and non- governmental bodies to support and enforce and achieve these development plans/goals. During H.E Museveni’s New Year Message 2018, he pointed out key technological needs for the country to be able to run the various development sectors smoothly. These sectors included Security, Agriculture, Transport, Energy (Electrification), Industrialization, etc. Pixan Corp. finds the president’s speech useful to guide its already placed strategic plan and finds it strategic to be uttered at a time when we already have the same intentions.

Pixan Corp. is entering the Mobile phone market space with innovative, cutting-edge technologies that have real world applications and are simple to use. The Company believes that it has created technologies whose time is “now”. The opportunity for the Company lies in securing marketable, patentable technologies and then to successfully obtain a licensing agreement with the Uganda Government to manufacture these solutions, thus helping to expand product line and offer innovative solutions for common problems like the increased youths unemployment rates, increasing government revenue and marketing the Pearl of Africa to the glory she deserves by diversifying the economy.

Mission and Vision

With the mission “to build the most compelling technology company of the 21st Century” there by creating a platform to bridge the digital divide in Africa by 2030, our vision is “to bridge the digital divide”. Our products will provide users with "cool" yet cutting-edge technologies which are simple to use and robust in operation.

We will accomplish this while providing obvious superior quality to our customers, excellent customer service, and creating a mentally stimulating and enjoyable work environment for our employees as well as through partnerships with the various organs that support national development goals and Pixan Corp.’s mission, vision and objectives.

The world being a global village, technology is the only factor that could achieve sustainability of this revolution. Pixan Corp. therefore aims at revolutionizing Uganda into fitting in this fast-paced global village with such new innovations. Pixan Corp. shall skill the youths and empower science and technology for development and sustainability in Agriculture, Finance, Education, Security, Transport, and other sectors.


  • Edgar Ofoyuru Davids, CEO
  • Warnant Lisy, COO

Company Summary

Pixan Corporation Limited was founded in July 22, 2014 by a 20 years Old student, Edgar Ofoyuru Davids, of Margret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts (Makerere University, CEDAT) under the name Pixanlabs Visual Engineering with our offices at Ham Towers, Makerere 3rd Floor, office No. 16 offering multimedia and industrial design services. We later rebranded to Pixan Corporation Limited in July 2015, when we decided to venture into high end R&D of consumer technology and it was incorporated Pixan Corporation Limited in February 13, 2017 (Reg. No. 80020000084990) in the Republic of Uganda, East Africa.

Over the 3 years as Pixanlabs VE, we offered multimedia services like branding, advertising and industrial design services with our partners from different companies around the world which gave us connections and trusted partners. Internally we carried out research, study and analysis in industries we planned to venture into, like software design, multimedia content distribution and consumer electronics. Other research involved digital divide consumer behaviour, psychographic studies, ethnography, market disruption strategies and developing a competitive strategy for business. This period also saw team building and training of most of our members.

Pixan Corporation Product Summary

  • 1. Pixan Mobile

    We have two models, the M6 and M8. They are both wonderful phones and yet unique in their own right. Basing on the Base Models, the phone specifications for Pixan M8 (which will come in five colours; gold, white, red, black, peach and grey) are;

    We already have a manufacturer for them in China; Qodman Electric Though with more capital, we plan to bring production to Uganda in partnership with our foreign manufacturers starting with a mass customization plant we are pushing to see running by 2020.

    This is a plan in line with the National Development Goals and Vision 2040. We intend to mastermind this vision as lead industrialists through technology diversification and be the model Company on such a meagre achievement. Pixan Products including but not limited to soft goods like Computer Accessories, home appliances and many more as the R&D shall determine.

  • 2. Pixan Library

    The Pixan library is an application management and content distribution system designed and published by Pixan Corporation Limited. It features a music media player, the most advanced local music a library, online radio broadcaster, and mobile device management application. It’s meant to be used to play, download, and organize digital downloads of music and video (as well as other types of media available on the Library) on personal computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems and Google Android for smart TVs and phones.

    Pixan Library is the first of its kind that will empower local content creators with a major platform to market and sell creative content like music, film, T.V, and publications. The platform was designed and inspired by a normal setting of a Ugandan shopping mall and backed by the book “the importance of Knowledge in a Society.” And its technology equipped to arrange content using the geo fencing technology. Our research has shown that content creation and promotion of local cultures improves digital skills and plays a key role in the development of an economy.

    In the last quarter of 2017, the Chief Coordinator of Operation Wealth Creation – Gen. Salim Saleh launched a campaign to promote “Kadongo kamu” music in Uganda with the aim of promoting local content and cultures as a bid to boost development through Music. With a platform like the Pixan Library, events and campaigns like these would be boosted in a haste and on a wide scope because it is not limited to the major cities in Uganda like this event did but also disseminates throughout the whole country and beyond borders for so many to get involved and support the cause since besides promoting the events, the artists music would be uploaded directly on the Pixan Library for them to harness money and the consumers to acquire these products as easily as possible.

  • 3. Pixan Developers

    This is a web-based platform that is the first of its kind in Uganda. The Pixan developer platform was launched on Feb 28, 2018 at the innovation village during the 1st Annual Pixan Developer Convention 2018, with more than 500 developers both software and hardware in attendance. The project was launched under the theme; “Building Communities: A Competitive advantage for Ugandan Innovators in the global economy.” We envisioned a shared place where developers shall come together and showcase their talent, advertise their products and innovations learn from each other and find solutions to the questions in the hardware, software or developers’ “world” which could solve day-to-day issues on socio-economic development.