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Pixan, People and Environment.

Pixan, people and environment is a promise that we will protect what’s great and improve what endangers great things. One of core values is “empowerment”. We will strongly stand stay and promise to keep our people empowered, knowledgeable and our environment safe for the next generation.

For God and My Country.

About Sustainable Development Goals

The sustainable developments Goals (SDGs) are basic foundations that are laid by the United Nations to help in building a sustainable future for everyone in the world. They are collectively resaerched and developed to solve basic human and the global challenges we face or are bound to face in future. The range from human to enviromental prolems like poverty, inequality, climate change, education, peace and Justice for all.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) interconnect with the core founding princinple of Pixan Corporation Ltd in 2014, we envision a future where we are all empowered and striving for something great. Inorder to leave no one behind in this fast moving world at Pixan we have taken inclusive development as our major theme for 2019. Using our technologoly, we are on a mission to building a technologically advanced company there by building a platform to bridge the digital divide by 2030.

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Enviromentally, this year we are planning to make our contribution in the fight on climate change by encouraging tree planting. We hope to plant more that 500,000 with our partners across northern Uganda. We are also commited to eleminate the use of plastics, toxic materials and any enviromentally harmful materials in our supply chain.

In general according to United Nations (UN), its important that we achieve each of the 17 Sustainable Development Goal and target by 2030.


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